Identifying Vital Elements of Your Case With an Auto Accident Lawyer

Identifying Vital Elements of Your Case With an Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents make up almost 31,000 fatalities each year in this country. For those who survive the accident, the results could equate to serious injuries. These injuries may require extensive medical attention that produces thousands of dollars for the victim. An auto accident lawyer gives these victims the break they need to collect funds from the responsible party.

Identifying Who’s to Blame
The accident report prepared by law enforcement identifies the accountable individual in most instances. However, some circumstances may prevent the officers from making a final distinction initially. For example, if the accountable driver flees the scene of the accident. This reduces the probability that the victim could acquire compensation. Equally, if the driver doesn’t possess adequate insurance, it could cause major issues.

Evaluating the Insurance Policy
After the accident, law enforcement determines if all parties possess adequate auto insurance. They require the accountable party to provide all victims with their auto insurance information. All victims are directed to file a claim through the insurance provider.

The issue with filing a claim is that most policies have a maximum payout for the entire accident. Victims with extensive injuries may accumulate medical costs that exceed this maximum. These probabilities may lead to formal lawsuits to collect the full balance of these expenditures.

Is There More Than One Victim?
Under the national mandate, drivers aren’t required to purchase auto insurance beyond liability. While it is a low-cost opportunity, the average maximum for these policies is $50,000. When there is more than one victim, the maximum payout is provided. This adds more than one litigant to the accident case, which reduces the total award for each victim.

Was the Victim Also at Fault?
Comparative fault gives defendant’s some leverage, if the victim violated traffic laws. For example, if the driver was speeding, this initiates comparative fault. The judge could reduce the total award given to the victim.

Auto victims receive compensation based on their injuries. This could include broken bones, disfigurements, or permanent scarring. Permanent disabilities also present the possibility of a higher award. Victims who need legal assistance or advice should contact an auto accident lawyer or visit now.

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