How Solar Screens in Houston, TX Benefit Homeowners

How Solar Screens in Houston, TX Benefit Homeowners

Many of the new homes being built in Houston include energy-saving windows and shades. They are designed to protect furnishings from the area’s blazing summer sun, keep interiors cool and add privacy. However, older houses rarely include this feature, so their owners rely on contractors who provide and install solar screens in Houston TX. These technicians offer energy-efficient screens in a range of decorator colors.

The Idea Behind Solar Screens

Professionally installed Solar Screens in Houston TX are generally made of woven polyester mesh. Some have a PVC coating. They are considered aftermarket products designed to add function to existing glass windows and doors. Technicians apply them to glass exteriors. Screening is available colors like gray, blue, white, bronze and almond. Once installed, customers essentially have blackout windows that prevent anyone from seeing into homes during the daylight. In fact, clients often contact Lone Star Glass, Inc. and order solar screens in order to increase home security.

Screens Offer Comfort and Protection

Although solar screens are dark from the outside, they still allow light to filter into homes. It is just reduced, along with annoying glare. Since no one can see into homes, owners are free to open drapes and blinds, which can actually make them brighter than they were without the screens. Eliminating glare also makes it more comfortable for those working on computers or watching TV. Screens also help protect furnishings and prevent fading.

Installing Solar Screens Reduces Energy Use

Homeowners who have solar screens expertly installed can save a lot of money. High-quality screens are designed to block heat before it can reach glass. They absorb and then reflect heat which is then carried away by air currents. Screens reduce the need for air conditioning year round and allow customers to set their A/C at higher temperatures in the summer. The result is lower energy bills and increased home comfort.

Homeowners in Houston often lower cooling costs by having solar screens professionally installed on glass windows and doors. The screens also increase home security and privacy. In addition, they reduce indoor glare and can help protect furnishings from sun damage.

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