FAQs To Ask Wrongful Death Lawyers In Longview, TX

FAQs To Ask Wrongful Death Lawyers In Longview, TX

In Texas, personal injury victims may lose their lives due to the severity of a variety of events. For this reason, it is necessary for these victims to undergo an autopsy. The autopsy shows the exact cause of death which is indisputable. The following are FAQs to ask wrongful death lawyers in Longview TX about these cases.

What is a Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death is a fatality that is caused by circumstances that could have been avoided altogether. The basis of the case is that if the defendant chose a different course of action the victim would still be alive. For example, if a doctor would have performed a surgical procedure correctly, the patient would have survived.

Is It Restricted to Standard Personal Injury Cases?

No, wrongful death cases could involve common liabilities for doctors, manufacturers, property owners, and drivers. They can also involve criminal defendants who are caused with an infraction that led to the victim’s death. These criminal cases could include murder, manslaughter, physical or sexual assault, and domestic violence. The cause of death could require delays to determine if the defendant was guilty of the crime.

What Could the Family Acquire?

The family could receive medical expenses, funeral costs, and compensation for their losses. If a child is orphaned, the child could receive the parent’s lifetime earnings. These wages are based on the hourly or salary-based income of the parent. The parent’s longevity could also play a role in calculating these values.

Can the Family Collect Through Two Different Sources?

In most cases, the family can only collect through one source. However, in criminal cases, it is possible for the judge to assign restitution. If a prison sentence is rendered, the family may also have the option to file a civil case to collect from the defendant’s estate.

In Texas, personal injury victims who die present the opportunity for their family to file a wrongful death lawsuit. These events could present their family or their children with the chance to acquire compensation. Families who lost a victim of a personal injury contact wrongful death lawyers in Longview TX directly or find more information right here.

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