Expert and Reliable Commercial Furnace Service in Fairfax, VA

Expert and Reliable Commercial Furnace Service in Fairfax, VA

Lots of people, including businesses, rely on their furnaces for heating during the bitterness of the winter months. A working furnace provides plenty of heat and keeps everyone warm and comfortable. But when was the last time that you had your furnace serviced? Would you know what warning signs to look for if your furnace was faulty or just not operating properly?

When Your Furnace Is Not Working Well

The problem is that furnaces have a maximum lifespan between 15 and 20 years. When a furnace approaches these limits, it’s wise to be on the lookout for any warning signs of an imminent breakdown. This is especially important in commercial and business environments where having working furnaces is an integral part of a climate-controlled working environment where people feel comfortable and productive.

In terms of knowing when you might need a commercial furnace service, here are some warning signs of a faulty unit:

 *     Dust: Have you noticed that there is lots of dust blowing out for the vents of your furnace? This could be an indication that the filters are dirty and need changing or that there is something else wrong. In this case, call a company such as Vernon Heating to speak to a technician.

 *     Cold: If your furnace is only blowing cold or cool air, it’s definitely time to call out for a commercial furnace service!

 *     Noises: Strange noises are not always a sign of something major. Sometimes it’s just a loose screw or something minor but it could also be a sign of something more serious requiring a commercial furnace service in Fairfax, VA.

Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold!

When it comes to commercial furnaces in particular, it’s never a good idea to ignore the potential warning signs of an imminent unit failure. Call out a technician as soon as possible if it seems that something is amiss.

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