Commemorate vs Celebrate

Commemorate vs Celebrate

When an anniversary or important milestone rolls around many corporations are rushing to have some sort of event to mark the occasion. The important thing many business owners and managers fail to consider is the important point of having an even to commemorate rather than celebrate the special occasion. When it comes to corporate anniversaries here are some points to consider:

Commemoration, not celebration
It is so very important that the tone of the event be appropriate for the industry and the time at hand. If he company has gone through a tough time a full out celebration may not be in good taste as it could be off-note and leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. Commemorations are simpler and more focused on the people rather than the bling and flashiness of a celebration and usually more well received.

Too Over-the-Top is a Mood Killer
Over-the-Top celebrations are really a mood killer if everyone involved is not in a good spot financially, mentally, of morally within the business. This is especially true if there have been financial problems among employees, layoff, or other hardships that people have had to endure.  Think of it like this- you just lost your job and a family member invites you over to a big celebration for their new promotion. You go to make a good show but you feel almost personally attacked and insulted by the nature of the celebration. You do not want the same mood for your corporate event.

The focus for your big milestone corporate anniversaries and events needs to be a commemoration rather than a celebration. Commemorating is a broader and more general approach that allows for the message of gratitude, humility, thankfulness, and forward-thinking to prevail rather than the feeling of boasting and bragging, and self-exaltation that tends to put people off so easily.  When used in the right way and with the skilled leadership of a group like History Factory helping you along, your corporate anniversary event can be one to remember- for all the right reasons!

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