Clearing Roots From Drains with a Drain Root Cutter

Clearing Roots From Drains with a Drain Root Cutter

Tree roots have a natural tendency to gravitate towards areas where they might find water. And what better source of water is there than an underground drain line? Unfortunately, when these roots invade a drain pipe, they can cause some serious damage. They block the flow of water causing the drain to choke and overflow. This in turn might affect the structural integrity of the whole system. The good news is professional drain cleaners can bank on our excellent line of drain root cutters to save the day.

Roots are one of the hardest types of drain blockages that you will ever come across. They are tough, incredibly resistant and because of their overlapping nature, they could be tied in so tight that it becomes almost impossible to clear them. You could try using force, but there are risks involved with that approach. If you go to hard, you risk damaging the drainpipe yourself. The best way to clear roots is by using a drain root cutter with a cable machine.

Drain Root Cutter Attachments

Drain root cutters are blade attachments, which are attached to the cable of your machine. A blade chuck is used to make sure that the attachment is secure and won’t come loose during operation. When cleaning a drain with a root infestation, you lower the cable into the line. As you hit the blockage, work the blade to tear away the roots. Withdraw the cable after a little while, clean the blade and go again. Keep repeating the process until the roots are utterly decimated.

Chemical Root Control

While drain root cutters should be the preferred choice for drain cleaners, sometimes it is not a bad idea to have one more root-clearing tool on hand. Chemical root control is a possibility, as long as trained professionals do it.

The chemical is poured down the blocked drain where it works systematically to destroy the roots. It does this without damaging the parent tree. These chemicals have been especially prepared to interact with the roots only. They don’t usually cause damage to the drainpipes or to the plants themselves. Neither do they possess a contamination risk. But it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. For that reason, chemicals for root control are not usually available to the general public and are only available to professionals. Even then, caution is advised.

Duracable’s Line of Drain Root Cutters

Duracable’s line of root cutter blades is designed by professionals and for professionals. Made using high-carbon string steel, our blade attachments will cut through all roots like a hot knife cuts through butter. Their anti-corrosive and hardy nature ensures that they will stay by your side for a very long time without losing their edge. Available in sizes that can fit in pipes as small as 1” and as large as 16”. No matter what kind of root problem you are up against, we have cutters that will get the job done. Call us on 877-244-0740 or contact us for more information about our root cutter attachments.

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