Clean Your Shop with an Oil Water Separator

Clean Your Shop with an Oil Water Separator

Metal working shops are dirty, and keeping them clean can be a monumental task. Grime and smell build up daily and can make it difficult to breathe. Regular cleaning is critical, along with taking other steps for cleanliness. Purchasing an oil water separator helps keep the shop clean, and helps save money, too

An oil water separator removes the used oil that accumulates and the lingering smell that comes with it. You’ll notice an immediate difference in your shop. There will be less grime to clean from surfaces, and the shop will smell cleaner instantly.

An oil water separator is also a cost saving tool. Separating the oil and water allows you to recycle used oil. Once the oil is cleaned, it can be used multiple times before disposal, dramatically reducing your oil costs. If your shop is like most others, the cost of oil is one of your largest yearly expenditures, making recycling a significant saving. It also saves you on the cost of disposing of oil, since you’ll dispose far less each year and reduce those costly disposal fees.

An oil water separator provides a simple way to keep your shop cleaner and stretch your money a little further. The air will smell fresh and clean, and employees are sure to notice the difference. There is an upfront investment to purchase the equipment, but this is quickly recouped through the savings on the purchase and disposal of machine shop oil.

If you’ve never used an oil water separator, your vendor can give you all the information you need to make the right decision for your shop. It’s an easy change that can make your shop a much cleaner and nicer place for your employees, all while ensuring you save money.

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