Applying For An MS Program In The USA

Applying For An MS Program In The USA

For international students, obtaining an MS or Master of Science degree in the United States offers several advantages for obtaining a job or moving into higher level education and further specialization.

Students in India considering an MS program in the USA need to start early to plan their academic classes to ensure they have all the prerequisite coursework required. In addition to just coursework, students applying to any MS program in the USA as international students will also need to obtain the appropriate visa, provide all necessary documents and complete what is often a very complicated application process.

The Basics

To apply for an MS program in the USA, which is called a graduate study, students will need to have completed a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent course as recognized by the school. This is often a challenge as there may not always be a direct equivalency in programs and courses. The use of an International Credential Evaluation Service is often required to document the coursework.

In addition, students will be required to provide letters of recommendation, typically from professionals or faculty members that can speak to the student’s abilities, aptitude and passion for the subject area.

Most students will also need to have completed the TOEFL or the IELTS tests to verify proficiency in English. This ensures that students will have the language ability to participate in classes.

Finally, students will also have to prepare a letter, essay or a statement of purpose. This provides the school with the information as to why you are seeking an MS degree and how you should be considered as an applicant.

It will also be essential to follow the application instructions completely. Missing information or failing to submit documents requested can result in delays in processing your application. As most schools have strict deadlines for submitting applications, this can be a significant issue to avoid to prevent having to wait an additional year.

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