Advantages of the Robotic Total Station over Its Conventional Counterpart

Advantages of the Robotic Total Station over Its Conventional Counterpart

The term ‘robotics’ is one that conjures up futuristic imagery from science fiction movies and stories. However, the use of robotic technology is more widespread than you may think and more useful than you may know. This is certainly true in the field of land surveying, where robotic total stations are edging out conventional models to become the industry standard.

The Robotic Advantage

The perks of going robotic when selecting a total station are numerous. Some of the key benefits include:

• Increased productivity, as less time is required per task

• Lower labor costs, as fewer people are required to man stations

• More time to double-check work and ensure quality

• More accurate data, as there is less room for error

• Easier operation, so a wider variety of people can be employed for surveying tasks

Today’s top retailers of surveying equipment boast an impressive selection of the latest technology, robotics included!

Making the Switch

Of course, any time a business or individual makes a move to a new technology, there is room for doubt and intimidation. After all, people tend to fear what they do not know or understand. However, if the many advantages of robotic total stations don’t sell you immediately, consider these facts:

• Typically, those who use robotic instruments come to prefer them over manual versions and become comfortable with their handling very quickly.

• Though less manpower may be needed to operate these machines, the personal connection between workers is maintained and even amplified with a side-by-side operating format for two-man teams.

• Companies employing robotics are more likely to be hired consistently and see steady gains than those still relying on traditional instruments.

With all this information, it’s easy to see why so many surveying companies have made a move to new technology. It’s just one more way we’re moving toward the future as a planet, and understanding our world a little better every day. Visit

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