7 Most Chosen Wedding Dress Styles- The Perfect Designer Bridal Dresses in Pittsburgh PA

7 Most Chosen Wedding Dress Styles- The Perfect Designer Bridal Dresses in Pittsburgh PA

Going wedding dress shopping is an exciting as well as a little nerve wrecking experience for the bride. The bride’s dress always sticks out at a wedding, so it should be carefully chosen according to the bride’s body shape. Everyone’s body type is different from the next person, so it is important to begin the gown purchasing process by understanding the various dress types. Read the seven most chosen wedding gown styles for help choosing the perfect designer bridal dresses in Pittsburgh PA.


Mermaid dresses are usually fitted from the chest down, flaring a little below the knee. This dress is for hourglass body types who wish to show off their curves or for slender brides. Apples and plus size body types typically do not fit to the mermaid style wedding dress.


The A-Line dress was simply named from its shape. This dress is a fitted bodice (area above the waist including arms) along the waist and past there it flows to the ground, resembling the shape of the capital letter ‘A’. This dress would be a perfect match for any body type.


The ballgown is best known as a fairy tale dress and is fit for most body types, although it fits the best with pears as it hides the lower body. This dress includes a fitted bodice and a full flared skirt, making the bride a princess on her wedding day.


This dress is fitted to the body and begins to flair around the mid-thigh. It would be ideal for brides with small waists and would fit perfect with the petite, hourglass and banana body types.


The Seath style is a narrow shape that falls from the neckline to the hem. This dress is fit for lean body frames such as petite and banana, as well as an hourglass who wishes to show off their curves.


This dress is fitted through the bodice and begins to flair around the waist, usually cut off between the knee and ankle area. The dress is ideal for all body types.


This dress is fitted through the waist and hip area then slowly flairs out and stops above the knee. This dress would not be fit for most body types but is a surely ideal for the bananas.

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